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Celebrity Chef Nita Mehta

Nita Mehta is a name that is looked upon as an inspiration when we talk about food and recipes. Through the single minded pursuit of her goal, she has managed to build a successful business enterprise defying all stereotypes. Her knowledge is based on the solid backbone of a MSc. degree and Gold Medal in Food and Nutrition. The appeal of her recipes lies in the creative blend of exciting flavours that appeal to every palate.

• ‘Kitchen Queen Nita Mehta’ is her range of specially formulated spice blends which have become extremely popular because of the right flavour it imparts to every dish. These carry 40 years of her cooking experience and expertise. 

The products are the outcome of Chef Nita Mehta's 40 years of experience & expertise. To date over 70 SKUS of specialized spice blends, pickles & seasonings have been launched and many more products are in the pipeline.

Besides this, seeing the current Pandemic situation, the team is developing a new product to fight against all infections and especially Covid related infections. It will be a powder form product having high protein, minerals & vitamins, flavored with spices, to ensure a delicious taste to the end product. Nita and her team is working hard on the development of many such exciting products too.

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• She has been a TEDx speaker, celebrity judge on Master Chef (2011), and also featured in the book 'Millionaire Housewives' for her inspirational journey.

• Received International awards for her cookbooks ‘Flavours of Indian Cooking’, ‘Zero Oil Cookbook’, ‘Chocolate Cookbook’, ‘Cookbook for Festivals of India’, “Taste of Rajasthan’, and ‘Cooking for Growing Children’. She has written over 600 cookbooks which have sold over 8 million copies.

• She has her own YouTube channel NITA MEHTA and has appeared on many TV channels in cookery shows. Nita Mehta creates recipes for food-related companies around the world. “Our future plans are to increase our range of food products offerings and also building up an online food content creation platform,” says Nita Mehta. “Our mission is to build an Omni-channel brand of food products for the millions of homemakers who strive for excellence in cooking,” says Anurag Mehta, CEO of Nita Mehta Foods