Sambar Masala - 500g

Sambar Masala - 500g
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  • Perfect Flavour & Aroma: Adds the real, authentic South Indian flavour to your Sambhar

  • Sourced From The Best Farms: Formulated by combining whole spices in the right proportion to impart the right flavours to your recipes along with boosting your immunity. All organic with no chemical preservatives

  • Perfect for: Sambhar which can be enjoyed with Rice or Dosas

  • Chef Nita Mehta Tip: Mash the Dal nicely after boiling to get smooth, creamy sambar

  • Shelf Life: Transfer the masala to an air-tight container for longer shelf life

  • Formulated by Chef Nita Mehta: India's most respected chefs and also acknowledged as the 'Mother of Indian Cooking'.

    Key Ingredients:- Coriander | Turmeric | Pulse | Cumin | Red Chilli | Fenugreek Seeds | Mustard | Black Pepper | | Black Cardamom | Asafoetida | Cloves | Mace | Iodized Salt

There Is No Denying That 'Sambhar' - The Traditional South Indian Dish, Has Crossed Borders To Become An Internationally Acclaimed Dish. Nita Mehta Sambhar Masala Gives Your Sambhar Curry The Real, Authentic, South Indian Flavour With An Eye-Appealing Colour And Texture. It Is A Must-Have In Every Indian Pantry, Household, And Grocery Shop. The Goodness Of Spices Remains Intact With Innovative Packaging. Ready To Use Spice Mix Which Has 0% Chemical Preservatives With 100% Real Taste. Specially Formulated Spice Blends Carry 40 Years Of Chef Nita Mehta's Cooking Experience And Expertise. Continuous Focus On Excellence In All Operations, Keeping The Parameters Of Taste, Health & Hygiene Intact. A Perfect Mix Of Fresh Ground Whole (Sabut) Spices And Herbs With Natural Oils Intact - Coriander, Turmeric, Pulse, Cumin, Red Chilli, Fenugreek Seeds, Mustard, Black Pepper, Black Cardamom, Asafoetida, Cloves, Mace
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